Toolkit for Employees

Online Training System

For remote work employees, we have developed a toolkit that provides targeted support for the specific challenges of remote work. The toolkit includes a self-assessment tool that allows you to assess your personal remote work competencies. In addition, we offer training materials such as e-books, interview simulations, quizzes and other tasks on relevant aspects of Remote Work. Click on the green button to start your training with the toolkit

Background information on the development of the toolkit

To develop the toolkit, we conducted surveys with 25 employees each in Germany, Poland, Greece, Italy and Spain. This survey built on the results of previous project work, which identified that six areas are critical to successfully addressing the challenges of remote work: Effective Communication, Problem Solving, Responsibility, Work-Life Balance, Digital Communication Skills, and Self-Efficacy. The results, analysis and conclusions of this survey were captured in a report that forms the foundation for our toolkit. For more information, you can view the report and understand the survey