IO1:Training System for Managers


In this first Project Result we aim to identify the six emotional areas that have the greatest impact on remote workers and to develop a training system so that their managers have the tools to manage them in the most appropriate way, in order to maintain the mental and emotional health of the team and to maintain performance and job satisfaction.

State of the art

State of the art on managers competencies in Emotional management for remote working. The partnership prepared a common report for this task.

Group Focus

National focus groups with experts to test State of the Art results. These focus groups are made up of HR managers, leaders, career guiders, psychologists, coaches or job counselors. At least 10 experts contacted by each partner who analyzed and compared the results of the national reports with the results of other countries of the consortium. The partnership prepared a common report for this task from which partners identified the most important skills to be developed.


Training system for managers on emotional management of remote working. The partners  developed a corpus of 18  training modules in podcast format. Three podcast for each skill identified in the two previous tasks