Project Results

In this first Intellectual Output (IO1) Result we aim to identify the six emotional areas that have the greatest impact on remote workers and to develop a training system so that their managers have the tools to manage them in the most appropriate way, in order to maintain the mental and emotional health of the team and to maintain performance and job satisfaction.

In this second IO we changed the focus and after working with leaders and HR managers we have focused on the workers, and how to train the  emotional impact of teleworking in a way that does not affect their mental health, does not decrease their performance and enhances their job satisfaction. We tested the tool by sending it to at least 25 workers (in companies or organizations where remote working is an issue)

This IO is a collection of 18 case studies on the subject of emotional management in remote working. The consortium will identify examples in their own countries of companies or organisations whose activity is partly or mostly generated  remotely, and which are examples of taking special care of the emotional health of their workers under these particular circumstances.